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~ Welcome ~
Please make sure you are aware of rules and documentation required prior to entering into an agreement with another party. 
All new owners, renters and residents must submit the Application for New Owner/Resident/Renter Occupancy, cover the cost of a background check and be approved by the Board of Directors before residing in the park. The cost of the background check may vary from time to time so is not stated herein. Forms and more information are located on this website under Park Information & Documents.
If a member is renting or selling their property, it is important that they notify the renter or buyer of these requirements and provide them with the necessary documents.

~ ***Important Information*** ~
Owners:  if you do not have access to the "Members" side of this website, please register. Renters are not granted access to the "Members" side of the website.
Vendors or visitors coming into Ameri-Cana Resorts Co-Op outside of open office hours should utilize the call box located at the main gate, or you may meet your party in the office/recreation hall parking lot for entry.  Instructions for call box use are under menu item "Gate Access".  Office Hours are listed below.
Signing In and Out: 
Owners, please sign in at the office when you arrive and sign out when you leave for prolonged periods. Please make sure all of your visitors and renters sign in and out at the office on the sheet provided.
Maintenance fees are due on the 1st day of each month.
Links to current Covid-19 guidance:
Fun Fact: We are in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 10a for landscaping. When choosing outside plants, know the zone and sun requirements for better results.

~ Notices ~
Please post your information on the community bulletin board in the mailroom.

~ Office Hours and Info ~
Ameri-Cana Resorts Co-Op, Inc.
6700 US Highway One
Rockledge, FL 32955
Office Hours & Contact Information 
Mon-Fri, 8AM-4PM    
Closed Sat and Sun
Phone: 321-255-3850  Fax: 321-255-3619
Email: americanaresorts@cfl.rr.com 
Web: ameri-canaresorts.com
Property Manager
Email: americanapropmgr@gmail.com
Emergency Phone: Michael -321-866-8381
(Call 911 for medical, fire or police emergencies)
Office Assistant  
Email: americanabookkeeper@cfl.rr.com
Recreation Department   
Phone: 321-610-8983 
Email: recdep12@outlook.com

~ Inspiration ~
Understand. Choose to grow.
Posted on Mar 22nd, 2023
It's easy to judge.
It's more difficult to understand.
Understanding requires compassion,
patience, and a willingness to
belleve that good hearts sometimes
choose poor methods.
Through judging, we separate.
Through understanding,
we grow.
                        Doe Zantamata
You Have Earned It
Posted on Jan 7th, 2023
When you add up every single
moment of your life -
all you've been through,
all that you've learned,
all that you've experienced and overcome,
you arrive at right now,
right here today.
You didn't go through it
just to go through it.
You went through it so that
you would have every lesson
and every tool you need
to be able to build yourself
an incredible life filled
with awareness and love.
Your time is now.
You have earned every ounce
of good that comes your way.
Enjoy and receive it all.
written by Doe Zantamanta

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